I am a Lecturer at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I was a Visiting Assistant professor at the Colgate University in 2021-2022.
             I completed my PhD at the University of Rochester at New York under the supervision of Alex Iosevich on August 13 2021. I possess two PhDs in Math (due to an agreement between University of São Paulo and University of Rochester). Moreover, I possess two masters degrees in Math. The first degree is from the University of Sao Paulo (2014), the best University in South America according to usnews.com ranking, and the second degree is from the University of Rochester (2019). Although both degrees are in the same subject matter, the distinct content and experience of completing these degrees, (in different university programs and in different countries), contributed to my formation as the well-rounded mathematician I am today.
           I studied dynamical system during my two masters programs (University of Rochester and University of Sao Paulo) and I explored problems related to One Dimensional Dynamics and Complex Dynamics. I have participated in international Dynamical System conferences around the world (Brazil, Chile, France, Germany and UK) and prepared and given a conference talk in some of them. Furthermore, I have published preliminary results from my masters work in a conference proceeding in Brazil about absolutely continuous invariant measures for unimodal maps.
           I am also interested in Combinatorics. My thesis work was on Falconer-type problems. The Falconer distance problems ask how large does the Hausdorff dimension of a compact set need to be to ensure the Lebesgue measure of the distance set. 
          In February 2021, I submitted a joint paper with Alex McDonald called "Volumes spanned by k-point configurations in R^d", and It was accepted in September 2021 for publication in The Journal of Geometric AnalysisI am planning to submit two more papers from the contents of my thesis in 2023.
         In Spring 2023, I will be the instructor of one section of Calculus II and one section of Linear Algebra at RPI.  
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