University Teaching and Related Experience

Colgate University. New York, USA
Visiting Assistant Professor. Math Department.
MATH308. Differential Equations. Spring 2022 (Anticipated) 
MATH161.   Calculus I.                     Spring 2022 (Anticipated) 
MATH308. Differential Equations.  Fall 2021. 
MATH161.   Calculus I. Section I      Fall 2021. 
MATH161.   Calculus I. Section II     Fall 2021. 

University of Rochester. New York, USA
Instructor. Math Department.
Calculus III. Summer 2021. Czar (course coordinator) of 3 sections.
Calculus I.   Spring    2021.
Calculus I.   Fall         2020.
Calculus I.   Summer 2019.

Instructor. Minority Department.
Math for Natural Sciences. Summer 2020.
Math for Natural Sciences. Summer 2019.
Math for Natural Sciences. Summer 2018.

Teaching Assistant. Math Department.
Calculus III.    Summer 2020.
Calculus III.    Spring    2020.
Calculus II.     Fall         2019.
Calculus I.      Fall         2018.
Calculus IIA.  Spring    2018.

Grader. Math Department.
Transition to Advanced Math. Spring 2019. 
Linear Algebra.                         Fall      2017.
Introduction to Probability.      Spring 2017.

University of Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Teaching Assistant. Math Department.
Ordinary Differential Equation.        2015.
Linear Algebra.                                 2014.
Vectors and Geometry.                    2014.
Mathematical Methods of Physics. 2013.
Calculus IV.                                       2012.

Some pictures of me doing what I like the most... teaching math! 

Teaching sample. 1min.

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